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Buy Monero XMR
The XMR cryptocurrency was created in 2014 and is now included in the 10 most popular digital Internet money. Unlike BTC, the total issue of the coin is unlimited, and any new block created in the blockchain brings miners 0.6 XMR. The block appears every 2 minutes. The initial issue of cryptocurrency is 18.4 million coins.
Monero (XMR) received its name from the Esperanto language. Translated from Esperanto, Monero means “coin.” Unlike many virtual money, it’s impossible to track XMR transactions, even with the latest analytic tracking software. This allows us to name this coin, one of the most confidential digital assets in the world. The Monero course is subject to fluctuations, but in general, according to experts, is one of the most stable.
Why buy XMR in the exchanger – the right decision?
In the cryptocurrency exchange service, you can always buy XMR in 24/7 mode. We constantly monitor exchange rate fluctuations on cryptocurrency trading floors. This allows you to offer customers a favorable XMR exchange rate online. Transactions in the exchanger are carried out as quickly as possible: the transaction is closed in the period from 3 minutes to several hours. As soon as the amount is credited to our account or wallet (it depends on the chosen direction of buying / selling a coin), we immediately transfer the cryptocurrency to the monero wallet of the user of our site.
These are just some of the benefits of our service. In addition, the following distinguishing features of can be distinguished:
• in our work there are no breaks and days off, consultants are on duty in a chat round the clock;
• the site has an intuitive interface, accessible even for a novice Internet user;
• we offer several directions for buying / selling Monero, we are constantly working on expanding the list of services;
• always provide assistance to users, answer any questions related to the exchange of cryptocurrency;
• Convenient Monero calculator allows you to automatically find out the amount that will be transferred to the wallet, even before the transaction.
We will tell you about the directions of exchange in more detail.
Buy Monero, the main areas of purchase / sale
The main areas of purchase (as well as sales) of Monero, which we can offer users of the exchanger:
• Advanced Cash RUB and Advanced Cash USD – it is very convenient to buy Monero for the money of this payment system, since many of our compatriots have the Advanced Cash wallet;
• Qiwi ruble – the most popular domestic payment system in Russia and the CIS. Naturally, we will gladly sell XMR in exchange for Qiwi rubles;
• cash (ruble and dollar) – the client discusses the time and place of the meeting with the operator in a chat, transfers the money to the courier. Once the payment is confirmed, we immediately transfer the monero to the client’s cryptocurrency wallet;
• alpha cash-in ruble and alpha cash-in dollar is also a popular Monero purchase direction, but here you need to remember that if a deal is made using alpha cash-in dollar, then it must be a multiple of 100 dollars (other terminal bills do not accept ) Otherwise, monero exchange is not possible.
Well, of course, you can not ignore such areas as:
• Payer ruble and dollar – since this system of payments on the Internet is used in many projects, guests of our site need to convert Payeer RUB or Payeer USD to XMR;
• Mani Dollar / Monero Perfect is another area that allows you to buy cryptocurrency for the electronic money of this payment system.
Need a real exchange rate XMR, without extra commissions and markups, please contact!