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How to sell bitcoin and can it be done?

Bitcoin is an electronic currency, which is characterized by super-security and non-subordination to state institutions (banks) and the state as a whole.
In other words, the same fiduciary currency (banknote), but in digital form. Bitcoin is endowed with the same functionality, but selling it is more difficult. This complexity lies in the fact that not all branches of human activity use it. Therefore, we have to sell our bitcoins on various online exchanges and exchangers.
Selling bitcoin is a fairly easy process. On sites that provide the sale of bitcoin-currencies, this is done in a couple of steps. But the minus is high commissions or disadvantageous courses. And the goal of the happy owners of these digital coins is to benefit from profitable conditions. That is, getting the maximum amount of money with minimal spending.

What is the price of bitcoin?

BTC price is volatile. You can find it on the official website of cryptocurrency units.
Another way is to use an Internet browser and find: “Cost for 1 bitcoin in rubles,” “Cost of one bitcoin in dollars,” and the like. You can also specify any amount whose price you want to know. Most search engines translate any value.
However, the market rate is a conditional value. Most sites offer to sell us bitcoin far from market prices. Exchange systems provide services with high margins. This is due not only to the desire to receive benefits, but also to additionally insure yourself.
Only on online exchanges can you sell bitcoins without interest at market costs. But they have their drawbacks.
The best solution is online money exchangers. These are universal platforms that in no way limit the limits of customers.

How and where to sell bitcoin: the best ways
There are a lot of ways to profitably sell bitcoin. The choice depends on what you want to get as a result and for how long. So, carrying out quick operations can cost a pretty penny, and if you decide to save, you run the risk of delaying this process for an indefinite period.
The cryptocurrency market provides four possible ways to sell BTC:
1. On cryptocurrency exchanges;
2. In services for exchange for cash;
3. Direct delivery;
4. Using an Internet messenger.
Despite the choice, all methods are characterized by security, relatively fast operations, as well as the cost of carrying out.
What are cryptoexchanges
Cryptocurrency exchanges are special platforms where you can sell, exchange and receive cryptocurrency. Using them means putting the security of your bitcoin in the foreground.
In order to use the exchange, you must register there. But if you want to cash out large amounts of money, you will additionally have to identify your personal data. The withdrawal of bitcoin takes on average about two days, but you can sell bitcoin on the exchange instantly. The operation on the exchange is distinguished by honesty and balanced commissions, which are based on the supply and demand of the cryptocurrency market.
Description of sites for exchange for cash
Cash exchange service is the instant and most profitable solution. This method is distinguished by the ability to exchange and sell bitcoins in popular payment terminals and bank accounts. This process does not even require registration. But the percentage for operations can be quite large.
Selling bitcoin at special exchange sites is a contribution to the long term. In this case, the operation will be considered mediation. Exchange sites do not interfere with customer transactions, but only maintain control over operations. And, in which case, applies measures to fraudsters. The transaction process works like this:
• On the online site, the seller and the buyer meet. After that, they discuss the deal, and, on mutually beneficial terms, conclude it.
• Next, both people transfer the currency to the exchanger’s account. It is blocked until the operation is completed.
• Administrators find out whether the transaction is in accordance with the conditions, and change the funds. If something is not respected, the currency is returned back to customer accounts.
In this case, it may take a little longer. But to sell existing bitcoins on such a platform means to get the most profit.
About Drop Ship
This method is a simple transfer of currency from hand to hand. You can sell bitcoin by direct delivery, but it is not recommended. This method is unreliable, as well as a long lead time. This method should be used if you are 100% trusting the person, since you will not have a guarantor.

Using instant messenger
In extreme cases, you can use a social network called Telegram. This is a platform that provides the opportunity to sell Bitcoin. But this is not done entirely by the platform, but by a bot called BTC Banker. This function works as a combination of exchange services and at the same time as a group bringing people together.
In order to sell Bitcoin on this site, you need to perform a number of actions:
• Find the bot, and add it to the list of dialogs;
• Confirm agreement with policies and rules;
• Click “Wallet” – “Funds replenishment”;
• Make a transfer of bitcoins to the account whose number the bot will send;
• sеlect the tab “BTC Sale”;
• Indicate where the funds will be transferred;
• Confirm the beginning of the transaction;
• Indicate the amount for the exchange;
• Confirm the start of the exchange;
• Your data and requirements of the transaction will be transferred to the potential buyer;
• If the person interested in the transaction writes to you, we confirm the transfer of funds.

Pros and cons of the above methods for selling bitcoins
When selling BTC, you must consider the pros and cons of each method. To do this, consider in more detail each method of transferring funds, and choose the best one.
The advantages of cryptocurrency exchanges are:
• Relatively fast transaction;
• The security of personal data and savings;
• Exchange assistance (employees assist in the transaction, if necessary).
But there are also negative aspects to selling bitcoin on the exchange:
• It is forbidden to withdraw funds directly from the exchange account;
• Withdrawal through banking systems is subject to interest rates, as well as restrictions on withdrawal limits;
• Exchanges may experience difficult periods with liquidity.
The Internet is full of exchanges that provide the opportunity to sell BTC. You only need to choose licensed and official sites. Additional time needs to be devoted to studying reviews about the exchange. This will help ensure that the resource can be trusted. Most of them allow you to exchange currencies such as dollars, rubles, hryvnias and euros.
Also take into account that such sites interact only with a set of digital currencies. Rather, they are used to trade or exchange money. Here you can’t sell BTC for rubles or dollars.
Do not forget about the commission. This is an integral part when conducting transactions within the exchange. The percentage of the commission directly depends on the amount of the amount that is converted into something on the site. Learn the rules of your chosen site before you start conducting money transactions.
A very significant drawback that cannot be ignored is the restriction on the sum of the maximum and minimum withdrawals. So, this rule is used by many popular exchanges. This casts doubt on the use of such services.
And the last significant problem is the lack of a blockchain system. Cash is protected only by the site. In such a situation, the probability of being hacked approaches a dangerous point. That is why crypto exchanges are not suitable for long-term storage of funds, and it is not recommended to use them for exchange.

Online exchangers
Services for cash exchange are considered the most profitable when conducting operations with bitcoins, as:
• They do not limit the client with limits, like any wallets;
• Differ in fast carrying out procedures;
• Relatively accurate courses appropriate to market conditions;
• No risk.
In addition to this, exchangers allow you to sell BTC for rubles, dollars and euros without any restrictions. And the withdrawal of funds is carried out using:
• Bank cards (Sberbank, VTB and others). It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the withdrawal options at the selected site, as they can cooperate with different payment services.
• Electronic wallets (Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex.Money and others).
In order for the sale of bitcoins to succeed, you just need to fill in the necessary data. After transferring bitcoin to the exchanger account, you need to confirm the withdrawal of funds. Any site credits rubles, dollars and euros instantly. Support for other funds, such as hryvnia, is also possible. The list of available methods is indicated inside the sites.
A nice bonus to these online services is technical support. Employees work around the clock, and if necessary, get answers to questions, they will do everything in their power.
Perhaps the only negative is the possible jumps in rates, and a slight overstatement of them. But this factor completely depends on the chosen site.

Direct deals
The benefits of contracting are minimized. They are simply not there. The whole transaction is a process draped in a veil of secrecy. But the disadvantages of this process are significant:
• There is no guarantee that the transaction will be successful for both parties;
• BTC as a payment unit is not recognized by the state of the Russian Federation, and in case of trouble, it will not be possible to turn to the federal law;
• Appeal against a decision in court will also fail.
If, nevertheless, you still decide to resort to this method (which is not recommended), then it is best to sell bitcoin to familiar and trusted people. But such an opportunity is unlikely, because not many people are interested in cryptocurrencies.
In order to protect the transaction as much as possible, you need:
• Find out the price at which Bitcoin will be sold on specialized online services;
• Coordinate this price with the buyer / seller;
• When conducting a transaction, be safe. Take a trusted person with you.
Direct buyers of cryptocurrencies are found both on online platforms and in various forums about bitcoin. It is also allowed the existence of publics on social networks, the participants of which periodically organize meetings. They communicate on them, and can also bid among themselves.

This method has its advantages:
• The crypto is frozen under the protection of the service;
• If you refuse the transaction or if the client is not found, the funds will be returned back;
• Easy to use.
• If the confirmation of the transfer of the crypt comes before the receipt of the money, you risk not getting anything;
• Difficulty in finding customers.
Quite a good method, but it is also not recommended to use it, since it is necessary to keep up with the deal.
What is the best way to sell BTC currency?
The best way is to sell bitcoin using online exchangers. This is a multifunctional service that does not limit its customers in anything. Transactions are concluded on mutually beneficial conditions under the control of the administration, due to which the risks are reduced to zero.

Which way to choose to sell bitcoin is up to you. The purpose of this article is to keep you up to date, as well as providing the most popular ways to sell BTC.
All of them have positive and negative sides. Be careful when choosing a method of conducting transactions. And choose only official and licensed sites when selling bitcoins!