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Many people dream of making money without making much effort. Developers of various platforms are aware of this and are trying to invent something new. Recently, they succeeded: an innovative product was born that guarantees daily profit to all users of the platform. Meet: KuCoin Shares! This is just the perfect exchange for quick and easy exchange of digital coins, consisting of a lot of bonuses and other pleasant surprises. Let’s see what makes it so good.

History of the creation of KuCoin Shares
This cryptocurrency was created in 2017 by a team of professional R&d developers. they had a global task to launch a high-tech exchange on the world market that allows exchanging digital coins. A couple of months after this idea was created, a roadmap and white paper were already created, which spelled out the most relevant solutions for creating Cucoin Shares.
Initially, the project was conceived in China, and was called Kubi, but after a couple of months, it was decided to move the assets to Hong Kong, and the project was renamed. In the fall of 2017, the launch of this cryptocurrency took place, which immediately interested investors.
The ICO consisted of three stages:
1. Distribution of 35% of KCS among developers (over 65 million tokens).
2. Allocation of 15% (25 million) to investors and consultants.
3. Selling the remaining 50% (100 million coins) to everyone.
Interesting fact: the tokens received by the developers were blocked until 2011, and until 2019.
The remaining tokens were not subject to blocking, and can be safely exchanged on the exchange at any time. The total amount of the issue amounted to 180 000 000 KuCoin.

What is KuCoin Shares?
In fact, this is a unique exchange, part of the income of which is distributed among the users of the system, and these payments are made daily. The number of earned tokens depends on how much money you have in your account (the more of them, the higher the reward amount).
The platform has an incredibly simple and user-friendly interface: this allows you to actively use all its features, even for novice users. To create it, innovative technologies were used that guarantee complete security and smooth operation of the system. The multi-level architecture of the platform makes it possible to easily interact with any information flows. Regardless of the number of transactions and the performance remains at a high level.

Advantages Of Cucoin Shares
This cryptocurrency, based on the Ethereum blockchain, has a number of advantages:
1. Two options for earning money. You can either buy it on the exchange or earn it as a reward for various actions on the platform.
2. The platform provides 10 foreign languages. Users all over the world can easily change settings and perform exchange processes.
3. A lot of bonuses for users. First of all, this is revenue from fees.
4. Minimum commission. Significantly lower than many cryptocurrencies.
5. A reliable system of encryption and identification. The security level of this cryptocurrency is simply off the scale.
6. High speed of transactions (only 2 minutes). It takes about 10 minutes to withdraw money, and the system processes more than 1,000,000 orders of Fiat coins in 1 second.
7. Full wallet security. A special Bank Deposit box is used to store your funds.
8. Distribution of revenue among all users of the platform (90% of coins are sent to community members).
9. A large selection of cryptocurrencies for exchange.
10. Trade discounts (discount sales are made on the platform).
This platform is developing incredibly fast, which promises a fabulous profit for investors.

How to make money and where to buy KuCoin Shares?
Mining is not provided: tokens can only be bought or exchanged on various exchanges. The most popular exchanges are: Poloniex and Bitfinex, Bittrex and Binance, as well as the own exchange of The kucoin project.
You can store these coins on any wallet: mobile, electronic, online. Most of the wallets are adapted for Russian users. It is better for owners of large amounts to store them in so-called “cold” wallets (this guarantees complete security of your capital).
In addition, you should pay attention to mobile wallets or those that are downloaded from the world wide web and connected to an electronic gadget via a usb port.
Placement in exchange wallets makes it possible to make an instant exchange and sale of tokens at the most favorable rate.

Some numbers
At the beginning of 2019, the value of this cryptocurrency was 6.1399 dollars. In total, it is planned to issue 200,000,000 tokens, with 91,000,000 coins in circulation. The capitalization is 558 999 024 dollars, but these numbers are constantly growing.

Should I invest in Cucoin Shares?
This cryptocurrency is incredibly attractive to investors: at the moment, more than 10,000,000 KuCoin Shares have been purchased and destroyed. This means that there are only 80,000,000 tokens on the market! This clever move allows you to increase the cost of coins at times.
If you are the lucky owner of this cryptocurrency, then you have every chance to earn a multi-million dollar fortune, because in the future, KuCoin Shares will become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies.