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A person who spent $800 million in bitcoins on pizza today considers the cryptocurrency to be the future of Finance and investment. However, in the early stages of its development, many investors did not know how the value of coins would grow. One of these investors was Laszlo Hanech, also known as the”bitcoin pizza guy”.

Exactly 9 years ago, Hanech ordered two Papa John pizzas for 10,000 BTC. At that time, one bitcoin was not even worth a cent. But that was then. Today, one 1 BTC costs about $8,000, and hanech estimates that He has spent about 100,000 coins on pizza over the years. So it’s not surprising that he found a kind of fame.

On Sunday, may 19, hanech appeared on 60 Minutes, where Anderson Cooper asked Him about what is considered the first real transaction using bitcoin.

“This is $800 million. Did you spend $800 million on pizza? Cooper asked.

“Well, if you look at today’s exchange rate,” Hanech replied, referring to the low cost of coins at the time.

When asked if he was haunted by thoughts that things might have turned out differently, Hanech said that he tries not to think about it in the hope of protecting his peace of mind. This isn’t the first time he’s said he’s come to terms with his actions:

“I don’t regret it. I think it’s great that I became part of the early history of bitcoin in this way, and people know about pizza. I also gave people technical support on forums and ported bitcoin to MacOS, and you know, I always wanted people to use bitcoins and buy pizza. That was one way to do it. I didn’t think the story would remain as popular, but it’s still being discussed.”

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