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New technologies are becoming more and more firmly embedded in the life of mankind. The implementation of digital tickets for the European football championship, which will be held in several cities of different countries, will be carried out with the partnership of UEFA and the crypto wallet AlphaWallet. According to information received from the Agency Digitaljournal, the international football Federation will issue about 20,000 tickets based on the Ethereum blockchain. Such digital tickets can be stored on virtual wallets in the same way as other digital assets.
For ticket storage to be possible, the wallet must support TokenScript technology. And these requirements are met by the crypto wallet AlphaWallet. It is the blockchain that will guarantee the uniqueness and authenticity of football tickets.
According to Victor Zhang, Director of AlphaWallet, the transfer of tickets to the blockchain is an important step in the fight against speculation that could be observed in 2017-2018. Tickets-tokens are protected by the system itself, and it is simply impossible to speculate with them. According to the same Victor Zhang, in the next 10 years, the practice of using ticket tokens will be introduced everywhere. At least for the major international competitions.
Juventus football club is already trying to link the world of blockchain and sports. At the beginning of December this year, JUV tokens were released, with which the team’s fans can participate in the life of the club, vote and influence the decisions of the FC management. These tokens were also issued on the Ethereum blockchain.
As you can see, the tokenization of various spheres of human life is quite rapid steps.