Where is it profitable to exchange cryptocurrency?

There are not too many exchange services working with cash in Russia, and most of them allow you to buy bitcoin for cash in Moscow or St. Petersburg, therefore, in cities like Krasnodar or Novosibirsk, although they are million-plus (Krasnodar is almost a million, but this does not change), it happens It’s a problem to sell Bitcoin for cash, it can be easier to buy, but also – you still need to find someone and conduct the transaction safely. In these cases, the exchange will come to the rescue, just specializing in the exchange of cryptocurrencies with the participation of cash. What is needed for this?

In the capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg, there are our representatives and the service courier can drive to a place convenient for you at a chosen time. In other cities, such as the above mentioned Krasnodar or Novosibirsk (and in fact, it is relevant for all major cities and their close suburbs), the only condition for the successful exchange of electronic currencies for cash or vice versa is the airport located near the meeting point with the courier. If there is an airport, then we will gladly arrange a meeting with a courier to buy or sell bitcoin in your city.

Why contact cash if you have electronic payment systems or cashless?

In fact, there are at least several reasons for using cash to buy or sell bitcoin, ether, or any other cryptocurrency:
until the circumstances are clarified, the bank may block the card to which you received the transfer from an unknown sender who paid for the bitcoin or other currency you sold – of course, it is not forbidden to buy or sell bitcoin in our country, but the bank may need to prove that there is no then the “double bottom”;
large electronic payment systems (Yandex and Qiwi) – in fact, the same banks (Qiwi Bank, remember?), so if they don’t like something, your wallet can also be blocked and, at a minimum, require an identity verification;
Recently, there are options for issuing plastic cards that allow you to immediately pay with cryptocurrency, But this is still being tested and more relevant for Western countries, and they are also issued by banks …

What remains?

And from safe and effective methods, it just remains to buy or sell Bitcoin for cash. Yes, this will require meeting with our representative – the courier of our exchange service can come to a place convenient for you at the time that you choose, the main thing is that there is a relatively nearby airport where he could fly from Moscow or St. Petersburg).

Cash and security? In one phrase?

Yes, during our excellent work, our service has developed an understandable and clear algorithm for exchanging virtual currencies for cash (details can be found in the instructions on the page of the corresponding exchange direction with cash and the cryptocurrency of interest to you) and vice versa, as a result of which the transaction takes place quickly, conveniently and it’s safe, which is guaranteed by our reputation in the exchange market and the largest aggregators.