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The days when trading on the cryptocurrency exchange was available only to a narrow circle of people are far behind. Now anyone can use the services of these specialized projects, sell and buy various types of cryptocurrency (and there are a lot of them) online.
Currently, there are a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges with Russian-language functionality. We would like to focus on the pros and cons of working with such exchanges.
Pros and cons of software
Trading in companies related to the stock market is carried out in a couple of clicks. Working on the e-currency exchange involves using standard calculation tools – an online calculator, Excel spreadsheets, conventional calculators, is not possible to analyze the price chart in any other way. But, for the fact that the amount of information and transparency of the transaction, when trading cryptocurrency, is much higher than when participating in stock exchanges. Transparency is the key to understanding the principles of work and, consequently, success.
Cryptocurrency exchanges are not regulated by law
To start trading on the cryptocurrency exchange, you only need an email. If we are talking about trading on the stock market-it is mandatory to provide verification documents (confirming the identity of the trader). But companies in Europe and the United States insure their traders against force majeure (deposits are protected). If you talk about exchanges of tokens and amount of cryptocoins – there are hackers, the platform can be ruined. Only the most reliable platforms should be selected for trading.
The main advantage of the cryptocurrency exchange! No one will ever be able to make money as quickly on the stock exchange as on the cryptocurrency. For comparison, the change in the exchange rate of one currency to another (on the stock market) by 10-12% is a huge jump. When trading cryptocurrency, fluctuations in the exchange rate only for one day can reach 70-90%.
Trading bots
It is easier to write a trading bot on a cryptocurrency exchange that can trade without human participation, observing the parameters prescribed in it in advance. If an experienced trader has to conduct transactions on the stock exchange because trading is much more difficult there, you can still trust a self-written trading bot on the cryptocurrency exchange.
It is also necessary to note such a plus of the cryptocurrency exchange as a simple and understandable for a beginner, the functionality of the project. If an ordinary person-a novice trader, can get confused not only at the beginning of trading, but also, even, in registration and verification on the stock exchange, everything is much easier with the cryptocurrency platform.
Let’s briefly list the main advantages of the cryptocurrency exchange:

volatility – you can earn much faster and more than on Forex and other stock exchanges;
easy access to trading – as we said, it is much easier to register and start trading than on Forex and other stock projects;
more complete access to the data of exchange rates and trades – if everything is in one click on stock exchanges, it is very difficult to understand the logic of trading, on cryptocurrency-the trader does all the analysis himself and, along the way, learn something new and useful.

The main disadvantage of cryptomonet exchanges is that there is no Deposit insurance, and there is a greater risk of losing everything for reasons that do not depend on the trader (phishing, hackers, and bankruptcy of the exchange).
A cryptocurrency exchange, if you work with a proven project, is a good way to earn money on the Internet. The main thing is to do everything correctly, consciously, analyze your trading activity, and be interested in the news of the cryptocurrency world.
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